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This is a live set from our show at WMUC on 05.01.11 with TROOPS OF TOMORROW and PRAISE.
The songs are taken from FRACTURING and AMOR Y GUERRA.

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released July 10, 2012




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Police & Thieves Washington, D.C.

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Struggling, just to find our way. We never make any progress, were
just barely treading every day.
Sometimes things all look the same, too late. We can’t go back, to
what, what we had.
We can’t go back to the way it was.
The futures unwritten, but you have control. Don’t dwell on what’s
past us you can’t get it back.
Can’t think, nothing’s going to ever change. Don’t Waste your time on regrets.
You think no one hears you, we all feel afraid. You’re stuck in the
middle; we’ve all got to change.
Nothing has to stay the same. Somehow, someway! We’ve got to find our place!
Track Name: ALL SAINTS
Take these bitter pills. Swallow them down, what’s the thrill? Lie,
but you can’t change, a vicious cycle never ends. What came before?
The fix you found to fill the void. Now, you believe the friend you
found will cure everything.
You tell me it’s alright; you say that you’re OK.
I did my best to help, but you walked away.
Alone, as night descends, wrestle with the fears you have. Nothings
changing! Hide to escape, an absent life you couldn’t face. Dwell on
your mistakes, regret reminds you of those days gone by.
So filled with indecision's, all roads are not the same. Wrapped up in
your addiction, can’t find a way.
We live with our demons, strung out on feelings. So close to
conceding, it unravels with no reason. You can’t fake this will you?
You can’t find a way to.
All you’ve lost…
Chase this feeling, till it’s gone. We trade the things we love to
keep holding on. Alone is where you wish we wouldn’t be. We try and
escape it but those thoughts just reappear.
Why do we feed this sadness with our mistakes? Forgiveness, can take
away the (pain.)
I don’t want you to know, I can’t explain. The words rearrange inside
my head. I wouldn’t want you to know, I tried so hard to keep it all
inside. And I’ve tried, for forgiveness. Now it’s all out there, where
we are. You can’t save this, without forgiveness. You can’t change
this, without forgiveness.
Did we fail them, with empty promises? Did we let them down?
Those words were words without a conscience, they led us all astray.You've lied, those lies come back to haunt us, but can this be sustained?
Is this how we're going to be remembered when tomorrow's purpose gives. How long can we live like this?
Your beliefs, they've blinded all you see, you're ideals divided how we live. There’s no room for dissent, you're not listening
Instead you're leaving, a troubled legacy. And you keep saying it’s going to be easy. You can trust me its going to be ok
Keep saying their lives were not in vain. But what about those who still remain?
Track Name: LOST SIGHT
So many questions, but where’s the answers? I thought, I knew. I thought I solved the problems. But the other day I felt so lost without you.
Is this the end? Or the beginning of something else? I wish I knew.
Beneath the surface theirs a growing sickness. We kept up appearances to make up for our sins.
This purgatory we’re living in. Is there a way to love everything we hate?
I did it to myself, how else did all this fail? In my hands, my vision
became a blurred mess. I watched my dreams fall apart at the seams. I
can’t explain, sometimes things turn out this way.
I didn’t try.
Are we alive? A life without living, a lie that keeps us imprisoned. A
lie that keeps us from giving more of ourselves.
Some days you’d fix me, so tired please forgive me. I tried to defend
this, so cold and so empty. If I could I’d fix it, rearrange all
that’s twisted. You’re so indifferent; I wish that I could take it
Is this what we want? Do we fault all our sins and pretend they’re
okay? Can we find a new path some new way to make amends for this?
Where do we go, to find our way back home?
Are we just living a lie, is this what we want out of life?
Can we find some way to save this? All we’ve lost we can’t replace it.
Track Name: HARBORS
Save your words, ill let them float into the harbor. Is it hard when you run from what haunts you? Decisions, you can’t make one to save your life.
And I can't help you I tried. How does it feel when you can't find the words to say?
We lie in wait and dwell on things that we cannot change. Why? There's no answer.
I thought I knew you, but lately I don't know myself. Begin to question, when the things you care for dissipate.
There's so much distance and confusion it burdens me, It wasn't all your fault; I know some of it was me.
Was there a way to save this sinking ship?Or did we care too much, about what other people said. Are we still drowning in this?Are we still?
Can’t save what doesn't exist. Are we still?