Police & Thieves / Remission Split 7"

by Police & Thieves



released May 31, 2011




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Police & Thieves Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Fracturing (#1)
Past is when we felt so in love, so alive.
Now you believe nothing good can come from this.
Why change your mind, now its gone cant go back.
Move on! Make the present free from our regrets.

All you ever want was this.

Learn from the years that we spent. Finding our heads, our broken heads.
Why cant we save?
Save ourselves. From these broken lines. They don’t seem to end well.

Why should I want for all these things?
I ask myself every single day.

Search inside there's gonna be something
Beyond those walls, you’ve just gotta find it.
Search Inside you.
Everything you want, everything you need, it's inside of you.
Track Name: We're Not The Only Ones
We're Not The Only Ones-

Take away this pain, it’s coming after me. No matter what I try, it just comes back again. I'm not the only one but I can feel it grow. The hurt inside, I hope you'll never know.

Can you hear me, are you listening? Understand.

Insecurities have got a hold of me. No matter where I turn they all come back again. I'm not the only one but I’m feeling so alone. The hurt inside I hope you’ll never know.

Are you listening? Why can’t you just understand me? Tried so hard to make you listen. Nothing is solved, nothing is different. It's gone.

What you wished for, all you wanted, before you know it, it's gone....