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Take these bitter pills. Swallow them down, what’s the thrill? Lie,
but you can’t change, a vicious cycle never ends. What came before?
The fix you found to fill the void. Now, you believe the friend you
found will cure everything.
You tell me it’s alright; you say that you’re OK.
I did my best to help, but you walked away.
Alone, as night descends, wrestle with the fears you have. Nothings
changing! Hide to escape, an absent life you couldn’t face. Dwell on
your mistakes, regret reminds you of those days gone by.
So filled with indecision's, all roads are not the same. Wrapped up in
your addiction, can’t find a way.
We live with our demons, strung out on feelings. So close to
conceding, it unravels with no reason. You can’t fake this will you?
You can’t find a way to.
All you’ve lost…




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