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I did it to myself, how else did all this fail? In my hands, my vision
became a blurred mess. I watched my dreams fall apart at the seams. I
can’t explain, sometimes things turn out this way.
I didn’t try.
Are we alive? A life without living, a lie that keeps us imprisoned. A
lie that keeps us from giving more of ourselves.
Some days you’d fix me, so tired please forgive me. I tried to defend
this, so cold and so empty. If I could I’d fix it, rearrange all
that’s twisted. You’re so indifferent; I wish that I could take it
Is this what we want? Do we fault all our sins and pretend they’re
okay? Can we find a new path some new way to make amends for this?
Where do we go, to find our way back home?
Are we just living a lie, is this what we want out of life?
Can we find some way to save this? All we’ve lost we can’t replace it.




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